Simple enough for students, powerful enough for expats
Characters on the go
Learn Chinese & Japanese characters anywhere, even in Antarctica.
Smart flashcards
Skritter gives you immediate stroke-level feedback and helps you review hard characters more often.
Studying, your way
Start learning from hundreds of textbooks and user lists, or make your own.
Efficient reviewing
Learn new characters in less than a minute, and remember 95% of what you learn.
Handwriting Recognition
With Skritter you write characters in your browser and get real-time grading.
Writing Style Corrections
Skritter helps you learn proper written form through instant corrections.
Stroke Order Help
Ever wondered about stroke order? Skritter clears up any such questions.
Spaced Repetition System
Skritter's SRS schedules all your reviews, ensuring that you retain more characters.
Personal Progress Stats
Track your learning to get a better idea how to improve the process.
Character Decompositions
Get to know the building blocks of characters to improve memorization.
100s of Textbooks
We support 300+ lists of the most popular Chinese and Japanese textbooks.
ChinesePod Support
Automatically import your vocabulary from ChinesePod and keep on studying.
Tone Practice
Draw the tone marks for each character to enhance your comprehension.